Restaurant Reviews


Poor= 1 Star *
Fair = 2 Stars **
Good = 3 Stars ***
Great = 4 Stars ****
Outstanding/The Best = 5 stars *****

Read some reviews:

Koo Neo-Japanese Asian Fusion, Marlboro
Maru Restaurant, East Brunswick
Makkoli Seafood Buffet, East Brunswick

Aki Sushi, Port Monmouth

Fuji Sushi & Hibachi, Hazlet

Peter’s Fishery, Matawan
Oishi Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Hazlet
Enzo’s Pizzeria, Matawan
Cafe de Thai, Matawan
Shogun Legends, Wall Township
Sultan Palace, Matawan
Sushi Bento, Matawan
Aligado Japanese & Thai Cuisine, Hazlet
Kanji Steakhouse & Sushi, Shrewsbury
Kicky’s Restaurant, Matawan
Kobe Japanese Restaurant, Holmdel
Mahzu Sushi, Aberdeen
West Lake Chinese, Matawan

To-Go List:

-Aki Sushi, Port Monmouth
-Blue Wasabi, Matawan
-Drew’s Bayshore Bistro, Keyport
-Trinity, Keyport
-Bistro 34, Matawan
-Bistro Amerigo, Matawan
-Shanghai Bun, Matawan
-Kickys, Matawan (to try their new menu)
-Devino’s, Hazlet
-Kazu Sushi, Howell
-Sono Sushi, Middletown
-Airiang Sushi, Sayreville
-Dish, Red Bank


  1. Cafe 34 Bistro in Matawan is exceptional. Very surprised not to see it on the list here. Dependable fine quality food and good service. Late night music is a bonus. Great place to have some fun on a Saturday night.

  2. Hi Linda! Thanks for commenting.

    It’s not on the list yet because we have not tried it. I hope to in the future as I have heard good things about it from others as well. When we do try it, I’ll be sure to post about the experience. :)

  3. A must try is Izu Sushi in West End. It’s on Montgomery Ave Between Ocean Ave and 2nd Ave. Absolutely amazing…Always fresh…moderately priced. Enjoy!

  4. Howie,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I’m always looking for new sushi places, that’s for sure. That’s in Long Branch, right? Just wanted to be sure. Thanks again!

  5. DO NOT GO TO CAFE 34 BISTRO IN Matawan: see below
    Just got back from there, had a bad cut of the porter house because one side was extremely chewy and the other over cook, so i just ate the fillet side, and now i am in my house throwing up from food poison. And do you think the owner gave a crap!! NO, didn’t even come over and say sorry about the cut. Just a sorry would have been sufficient. The waitress was great, the owner or manager whoever the prick is very high up on himself. So needless to say i eat porterhouse all the time and i would have rather grabbed a McDonald’s happy meal instead of eating that crap

  6. Go fuck yourself you ignorant motherfucker

  7. I have been going to Turning Point in Holmdel since it opened. Unfortunately, I will NOT be going there any more ever again.
    Although the food is good the staff is horrible. If your going to try this place go to Long Branch!
    The staff at Holmdel has these very young girls at the hostess desk who sit an talk about clients, mock them and push their Friends to the front of the list. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! They tell you 5 minutes and you wait 50 minutes. I do not know about you but I rather be told 50 min and it be only 5 minutes rather than the other way. Also if you call ahead they dont even put you on the list until you walk in the door, so your better off coming in putting your name down and leave for an hour and come back. Can we say ridiculous.
    I would rather go to Chillis in Holmdel that has better service! The managers are always coming around constantly to see how you are doing. AT Turning Poi nt in Holmdel all you get is rude remarks from hostess and managers like there too good for their customers.
    I recently went to long branch location and the staff is wonderful but its a far drive from Holmdel.
    If you want to be lied to how long the wait is, have the hostess girl mock you and your family and make fun of disabled people (which they did when we were there) than be my guest and go to Holmdel. The food is good but not that good where you would put up with that crap.
    If i was the owner I would have someone go undercover to have a normal Saturday or Sunday 11:00am experience so they can tell them how terrible the service really is.
    The only staff I like is the staff working behind the break feast bar! You can not even get a set there because there is the only great service in the ENTIRE restaurant.

    Just my opinion.

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