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February 13, 2008

Every time I go to the train station to drop off or pick up my wonderful FH, I often wonder why there are no shuttle buses to and from the Aberdeen-Matawan train station?  I mean not only would it be convenient for the residents of this area, but wouldn’t it be good for the environment?  You know, get cars off the road.  Has this been thought of before?

Aberdeen-Matawan seems like an extremely busy station, so I’m sure a shuttle service would certainly be welcomed and used.  Even if they had to charge $2 per ride.  Middletown’s Dock and Roll Shuttle Service, which buses people to and from the Middletown train station and the Belford Ferry shows some progressive thinking on their part.

We are within a reasonable walking distance to the station, but on days like today a shuttle would certainly be a better option.  Patsy’s Car Service, while convenient, isn’t always the economical or practical choice.

Just some thoughts.  I’d be curious to see what other residents think.  Or is there something even remotely like what I’m talking about in this area.


Save The Sea Streak Ferry Service

October 9, 2007

If you use the Sea Streak Ferry Service from Monmouth County to Manhattan, then the following petition will be of interest to you.

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