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Matawan Train Station Restoration

April 1, 2008

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that there is exterior work being done on the old Matawan train station. According to The Independent, the work will be contained to the roof and the removal of the apron canopy only to stabilize the building. However, any further work is not immediately planned due to — you guessed it — lack of funding! NJ Transit is seeking grants for additional restoration work, though. But who knows when that will actually occur.

I’m all for restoration of historic structures as they add charm and beauty to a community, but… the progressive in me says “Let’s get Matawan Transit Village going already!” *ducks to miss flying objects*

Hey, I dislike gentrification and over development as much as the next person. But, at the same time, I also like to see progress. I’m oxymoronic like that!  Seriously, keep the old station, refurbish it. Allow it to accent the development around it. What about shops and cafes (Starbucks need not apply)? How about fixing the roads and sidewalks? Shuttle service to Aberdeen-Matawan station anyone? I see a lot of potential for that area, not just as a transit hub, but as a community hub. No offense to the flea market (y’all know I love flea markets), but I honestly would like to see more happening there. That’s my two-cents!


Transportation query

February 13, 2008

Every time I go to the train station to drop off or pick up my wonderful FH, I often wonder why there are no shuttle buses to and from the Aberdeen-Matawan train station?  I mean not only would it be convenient for the residents of this area, but wouldn’t it be good for the environment?  You know, get cars off the road.  Has this been thought of before?

Aberdeen-Matawan seems like an extremely busy station, so I’m sure a shuttle service would certainly be welcomed and used.  Even if they had to charge $2 per ride.  Middletown’s Dock and Roll Shuttle Service, which buses people to and from the Middletown train station and the Belford Ferry shows some progressive thinking on their part.

We are within a reasonable walking distance to the station, but on days like today a shuttle would certainly be a better option.  Patsy’s Car Service, while convenient, isn’t always the economical or practical choice.

Just some thoughts.  I’d be curious to see what other residents think.  Or is there something even remotely like what I’m talking about in this area.


Congratulations Paul Buccellato!

January 16, 2008

OK, I don’t know this guy from Adam – I did just move to this area after all! From what I’ve been reading, he is an advocate for the proposed development around the Matawan train station aka “Transit Village”. That’s an idea I can jump on board with. I definitely see the potential for that area.

EDIT: On second thought, Truth in Matawan has quite the compelling story. :/  Hrm.


Flea Markets of Matawan & Hazlet

October 14, 2007

So we were up bright and early and decided to check out the flea market that happens every Saturday in the parking lot of the Aberdeen-Matawan train station.  As flea markets go, they are full of random junk people are trying to hock.  Sometimes you find a real treasure, though.  I didn’t find anything that struck my fancy, but he got the Butterfly Effect on DVD.

While walking around he overheard someone say to someone “It’s less crowded this week”.  The other person replied, “They’re probably all at the Hazlet flea market”.  So he says we should try to find this flea market over in Hazlet.  We come home, do a Google search, and we see a listing for the Holy Family PTA flea market on Craigslist.  Gotta love the internet! :)

We make our way over there and are pleased to see how significant it is.  Lots and lots of tables and items.  There was actually a couple of tables selling knock off hand bags and purses.  I was tempted, but I didn’t see anything I specifically liked.  After scouring all of the tables, the only thing I wanted was a large spring-loaded mason jar that I am going to use for storage in the kitchen.  Heh.

Next week I hope to hit up some garage sales in Aberdeen and Matawan.  That’s usually where the real treasures are.  You can haggle with people more since they are desperate to get rid of their stuff. :)