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Sultan Palace

January 12, 2008

Sultan Palace Matawan NJ

As per our usual on Friday night, I just didn’t feel like cooking after I got home from work. So I suggested ordering delivery from Sultan Palace, since were in the mood for both Chinese and sushi. I had heard that the other locations are not so great. But there’s only one way to truly know if a place sucks, and that is to try it.

He ordered Sesame Chicken and Kamikaze roll, I opted for a simple order of steamed dumplings and the Golden Dragon roll. We really had no complains. It was delivered fairly quick, everything was hot (the Chinese stuff, not the rolls of course) and the rolls were tasty. It’s certainly not the very best sushi rolls we ever had (we’ll leave that to places like Kanji and Ichiban), but certainly not the worst.  3 out of 5 stars.

I feel confident enough that I would certainly order there again. Wish us luck. ;)