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Freehold Raceway Mall

November 4, 2007

After our underwhelming trip to the dirt mall, we decided to go to a “real” mall and headed towards Freehold to experience the Freehold Raceway Mall. I’ve got one word to describe it: “Wow!” It reminded me of Cherry Hill Mall actually. With stores like Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, it is seemingly geared more towards upscale shopping. Down to earth stores like Penney’s and Sears ensures nobody is excluded, so you and I can actually afford to shop there, too!

They are adding more stores and restaurants – Borders, P.F. Chang’s to name a few – on the outside, so there’s lots of construction going on. That certainly isn’t scaring away any shoppers, though! In fact, you could tell that Christmas shopping has started in earnest. Finding parking was a challenge as most spots were filled.

After about 2 hours of walking around dazed by the blatant display of conspicuous consumption, and dodging people left and right, I decided I had enough and we left. Navigating the parking lot to exit was quite the ordeal as it seemed everyone wanted to leave from the same exit! It was maddening I tell ya.

Overall, it’s a very nice mall, and we’ll certainly go back some day, but preferably during “off-peak” hours. ;)


Collingwood Flea Market

November 4, 2007

We came, we saw, we… *yawn*

We left with some socks, an eggplant, and a zucchini.

Yep, that exciting! :)


Shop Rite vs. Stop & Shop

November 3, 2007

When I lived in Red Bank, 9 out of 10 times I would do my grocery shopping at the Foodtown. It was mostly for convenience and I had gotten used to its layout. Not to mention the Super Stop & Shop on Newman Springs Road did not overly impress me. I guess it didn’t impress many others either – according to this blurb it’s closing down and will re-open as a Super Foodtown.  Huh.

So when we moved here to Matawan, the big question was “Where am I going to do my grocery shopping?” I asked my local friend Jokerelli what grocery stores were in the area. He said I had 2 choices: Shop Rite or Stop & Shop, both of which are in Aberdeen.

I’ve always liked Shop Rite. It’s got a nice selection of produce, lots of prepared food items (Sushi! Chinese!), and big selection of just about everything else. So that’s where I’ve been doing most of my shopping.

However, on a whim, I popped into the Shop & Stop this evening. It’s big, clean, and surprisingly has a impressive selection of just about everything. In fact, unlike the one on Newman Springs Road, this one has whole aisle devoted to International foods! Lots of Asian/Thai/Indian/Spanish/European items! It’s also got a large area of strictly organic/health food stuff, too. Big pharmacy, housewares, rental movies, even a “Dollar Zone”. Color me impressed! I think I will be popping in more often.

I must say it’s good to have 2 great options for food/grocery shopping nearby. :)


Englishtown Auction

November 1, 2007

Last Saturday morning we checked out the Englishtown Auction.  It was an unfortunate day to do so since it was raining.  So we were resigned to do indoor shopping since there were no outdoor vendors.  And even indoors, there were only select few open.  We still found some things though.  I’d like to go back in better weather.

This weekend I’d like to go check out the Collingswood Flea Market on Route 34 in Farmingdale .