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Brazilian & Portuguese BBQ coming soon to Matawan!

July 3, 2008

Brazilian and Portuguese BBQ coming to Matawan!On Main Street across from the train station, a new BBQ joint is “Coming Soon”.  It’ll be situated in the middle of the building between the cleaners and dog groomer.   There are a few big signs on the store front windows; one practically yells “Matawan BBQ“, another proclaiming “Brazilian & Portuguese BBQ“, and another with a list of the types of foods that will be available.

No word on opening date.  There’s a number, too, on one of the signs, but the light turned green and I didn’t have a chance to write it down.

I’m excited. I love BBQ.  I don’t have much experience with Brazilian or Portuguese BBQ, but I’ve always wanted to try.  I hope it opens before the end of the summer!  Stay tuned.


Crime in Matawan! *gasp*

January 18, 2008

Oh hai!

I used to have a post here alerting local residents (who may or may not read the big regional newspaper ’round here) that a crime took place in our community (armed robbery at JR’s Liquor Store last week) and I pretty much posted the information verbatim as an FYI to spread the word far and wide about a criminal act that occurred in our community.

Well I’ve been told that in doing so it may be subject to copyright infringement since I did not obtain permission to re-post the information!  My bad! So in order to avoid it getting messy, I have taken the original post down including THE IMAGE of the perpetrator.  God forbid, my helping get the word out about a CRIMINAL in our community become an issue of “copyright infringement”.

Anyways….. do a an internet search for it, I’m sure you’ll find that newspaper article about it.

Please call the Matawan Police Detective Bureau at (732) 290-2038  if you think you may have information about the crime.  Thanks!


Sultan Palace

January 12, 2008

Sultan Palace Matawan NJ

As per our usual on Friday night, I just didn’t feel like cooking after I got home from work. So I suggested ordering delivery from Sultan Palace, since were in the mood for both Chinese and sushi. I had heard that the other locations are not so great. But there’s only one way to truly know if a place sucks, and that is to try it.

He ordered Sesame Chicken and Kamikaze roll, I opted for a simple order of steamed dumplings and the Golden Dragon roll. We really had no complains. It was delivered fairly quick, everything was hot (the Chinese stuff, not the rolls of course) and the rolls were tasty. It’s certainly not the very best sushi rolls we ever had (we’ll leave that to places like Kanji and Ichiban), but certainly not the worst.  3 out of 5 stars.

I feel confident enough that I would certainly order there again. Wish us luck. ;)


Sushi Bento

December 16, 2007

Like usual on the weekends, we just had to have our sushi fix! The only difference this time is that I actually didn’t feel like dining out! So we decided to order from the new Sushi joint on Main Street – Sushi Bento!

Not having written down their number when I drove by last week, we decided to just walk in and order our take out. It’s a quaint place with one large table (that seats about 8 not so comfortably) in the front and another table towards the back (that seats 4). There are also some stools at the sushi bar and in the back. Decor is typical Japanese with paper lamps and umbrellas, and pictures depicting Asian scenes.

While we waited we were offered some hot tea on the house, which we graciously accepted. We struck up a conversation with the server/cashier, who introduced herself as Kim. She was very polite and, after having asked my man of his nationality, we learned that she, and the owners/chefs are also Korean. I noted that while we were certified sushi lovers, we felt there was a need for real Korean food in the area. She gave us some great suggestions in the Edison area.

As our food was being prepared and bagged, she asked if we would like some kimchi on the house! Naturally my man is not one to turn down kimchi so he said “Sure!”. We were also given complimentary California rolls just for waiting. How nice!

Here’s what we had:

  • House salad & miso soup (1 for each of us)
  • 1 order appetizer Sushi (5 pieces)
  • 1 order Age Dashi Tofu (deep fried tofu)
  • 1 order Sashimi regular (10 pieces)
  • 1 order Diamond roll (inside: crab meat, avocado & cucumber; outside: salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and masago)
  • 1 order Dragon roll
  • 1 order “No Name” roll (inside: eel, cucumber, masago; outside: avocado)
  • 1 order Philadelphia roll
  • 1 order California roll (as noted above)
  • small kimchi (not on the menu, so I’m not sure if they always have it)

Yes, that’s A LOT of food! We definitely had leftovers today. Anyways, ALL of that for only $55!!!!! The price alone was enough to wow. All rolls, even the special rolls, are under $10. All dinners are under $12.95. The most expensive item on the menu is the “Sushi Bento Chef’s Special” and you have two choices: A. $45.00 and B. $90.00. Not sure what all is included in that… but I can guess it’s enough to feed a small army.

But, you ask, how does it taste? Overall not bad at all. We’ve certainly had better and most definitely had worst. I’d say it’s your run of the mill sushi. But for the value, convenience, and most definitely the service, I’d say it’s a good deal! So if you’re looking for good sushi at a good price, seriously consider Sushi Bento.

They also offer FREE DELIVERY on a minimum $20 order. I’m sure we’ll be hitting that up some time.

Sushi Bento gets 4 out of 5 stars! Especially for value and service!

Here’s the lowdown:
Sushi Bento
129 Main Street
Matawan, NJ

Monday-Saturday 11:00am-9:00pm


Sushi & Teriyaki

December 11, 2007

I’m not sure when it officially opened, but the sushi place on Main Street, across the street from the C-Town Market, is open!  There’s a big “Grand Opening” banner and a blinking neon sign that says “Open”.

I will be sure to stop by and report here soon!


Sushi & Teriyaki

October 2, 2007

While walking down Main Street this afternoon, I noticed a couple new restaurants that will be opening. One is an Italian joint, which the name escapes my mind, and the other is a sushi place that, according to the sign on the window, will simply be called “Sushi & Teriyaki”. I’m particularly excited about this sushi restaurant.

If you’ve taken a peek at the restaurants reviews over at my old blog Red Bank Blues, you’ll know my fiance and I are quite the sushiphiles! We’re looking forward to trying the sushi around these parts and posting the reviews here. :)