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Mahzu in Aberdeen a No No

October 13, 2007

Last night we tried Mahzu in Aberdeen. Our original plan was to go to Oishi in Hazlet, but we figured since we were already on Route 34, we might as well try this place.

My avocado salad was pretty good. The sashimi was average at best, though. Our special rolls were okay. I got the “Miracle” and “Samurai” special rolls. The Miracle roll had huge pieces of eel on top, which was a plus for me since I absolutely love eel. And the rolls underneath were deep fried which I have never had before, which was interesting. The presentation was nice, too.

He said his rolls weren’t bad, but nothing outstanding.

All in all an okay experience, but when I got home last evening I had some, to put it delicately, G/I issues. My tummy is still a bit queasy today. He’s fine, but due to my condition, it’s pretty safe to say we can strike Mahzu in Aberdeen off our list.