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Diva Wednesdays @ Houlihan’s

April 8, 2008

Houlihan’s in Holmdel will have Wednesday Night Diva (be sure to turn down your volume!) events lasting until June 11. These special Wednesday night “parties” are all in promotion of the new “Sex and The City” movie.  Through May 7th they’re sponsoring a contest where you and your SATC loving friends can enter to win two tickets to attend the Sex and the City movie premiere in NYC. They’ve even created $5 custom martinis that will be on special on during the events.

I’m not really a Sex and the City fan, but I sure do like me some martini’s.

Anybody wanna meet up?


Introducing Bayshore Friends!

February 22, 2008

I swear I’m always coming up with some “pet project”. Usually it’s out of boredom and aimlessness. But this time – with Bayshore Friends – I have truly do have a purpose: to connect people in the Bayshore area. Locals meeting locals to socialize and, hopefully, make new friends. Sound groovy, huh?

I started working on a website for this. But then I thought to myself — why not just use a social networking site? I thought about creating a MySpace profile (which I may still do anyway), but it doesn’t have all the functionality and interactivity I’d like. Then I thought about But they charge you $75 every 6 months JUST for the privilege. Screw that.

So I did some searching and I think I found something that’ll work – at least for now:

While this does not have the “meetup” function I want, it does offer some interactivity. I figure “converge” online first, then do meetups in the future – depending on the interest. Meetups may include: restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, cocktails, house parties, game nights, outdoor activities, or whatever else people want to do.

So, what are you waiting for, become a BF today! :)


Kobe Japanese Restaurant in Holmdel

October 28, 2007

On Friday evening we decided to check out Kobe Japanese Restaurant in Holmdel.  It is in the Holmdel Commons Shopping Center.

Believe it or not, I was not in a sushi mood as I was not exactly ravenously hungry.  We did not order our usual sashimi platter for our second course.  Rather he tried the New Style Sashimi for his appetizer.  He said it was “interesting, not in a bad way, but I don’t know that I would order it again.”  It didn’t really look all that appetizing to me.  Just the various sashimi pieces on a plate of hot oil.  I think it might be the oil that threw me off.  He said the fish was “good”, though.  So that’s a plus I suppose.

He ordered a couple of special rolls (Ocean-5 Roll and something else I can’t remember) for his main course whereas I simply opted for the Unaju (Broiled eel over rice with tasty eel sauce).  It was quite good and hit the spot for me.

We tried an assortment of mochi ice cream for dessert.  I love mochi!

All in all, not a bad experience.  I’d like to go back for regular sashimi and special rolls.