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Starbucks Pike Place Roast

April 9, 2008

A tolerable alternative to most Starbucks offeringsI’m by no means a fan of Starbucks coffee. I’m not a frequent patron, but once in a while, especially if it the only coffee around, I will partake in their caffeinated offerings. For some reason, when they announced a new blend of coffee, Pike Place Roast, my interest was piqued. So I dropped into the local Starbucks on Main Street this morning to get some.

Verdict: it’s not half bad. It doesn’t have that signature burned taste that most Starbucks coffee has. It’s still a darker, stronger coffee, but seems less bitter than their other brews. I daresay, I kind of enjoyed it! Will I frequent Starbucks more often as a result? Have I discovered my new favorite coffee? Nah. It certainly didn’t sweep me off my feet. But it’s good to know there is actually a (generic) coffee they offer that I can actually tolerate.