PSA: Monmouth Office of Emergency Management Storm Assistance

August 3, 2008

Will you need help evacuating in a bad storm?
Monmouth County’s Office of Emergency Management wants to know who you are

The 2008 hurricane season is well under way, and so far it has been active.
If you, a family member or anyone you know will need help evacuating during a storm, registering today with the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will help emergency workers attend to you more easily during a crisis.

“Monmouth County is part of the statewide effort to identify and register all individuals with special needs who may not be able to get to safety on their own during an emergency evacuation,” said Gary McTighe, acting director of the county’s OEM. “The county is assisting with the New Jersey Special Needs Registry by registering those who may need assistance locally.”

Anyone with physical or cognitive limitations, language barriers or lack of transportation should register with the New Jersey Special Needs Registry. The registry was designed to help emergency responders locate and safely evacuate people who could find it difficult to help themselves in the event of a major disaster.

Registration and information can be made by contacting the county’s OEM at 732-431-7400, or by downloading and mailing the registration form from the county’s Web site at www.visitmonmouth.com.

If you register by telephone, a special needs registrar will ask you a few simple questions such as your address, telephone number, how many people are in your household and if you have any pets. This information is necessary for officials to help you evacuate.

In the event of an evacuation, you or the person being assisted will need to bring medications, important papers, prescriptions, cash, food for your pets and clothes to last at least three to five days.

“If you know of someone who may have difficulty getting themselves to safety with family or friends, or to a public shelter, be sure they have registered with this free, confidential registry,” said Freeholder William C. Barham, liaison to the county’s OEM. “This effort is also designed to increase resident awareness and preparation for a major disaster. Help those you care about by contacting the county emergency management staff today.”

For further information: 732-431-7310.

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