Matawan Barbeque

July 27, 2008

Matawan Barbeque is still not open, but they have signage. They will be open seven days a week, 10AM-10PM. I wrote down the number but when I call it, the operator says it’s not in service. Hmm.

UPDATE: I tried Matawan Barbeque on Wednesday night. I walked in around 8:30 and ordered to go. The place was about half filled, so I was served right away. During my short wait I checked the place out. There are 12 tables, so it can accommodate a small family or group. There are a variety of soft drinks and other beverages in drink cases. I chose a brand of diet Brazilian soda called Gurana (in a can). It was tasty!

So, how was the food you ask? Pretty good! I ordered the half BBQ chicken with yellow rice and beans. The portions were quite generous and everything was tasty. Prices are extremely reasonable. There are soups, salads, appetizers, barbeque combo’s, entrees (beef, chicken, pork), and fish/seafood (shrimp, salmon, cod). My platter was only $7.50. The most expensive item on the menu is a whole Grilled or Boiled Cod Fish (Bacalhau) at $18.00. I hope to try them again before I move.

FYI: I overheard the server say they are looking for more help, both in the kitchen and also more servers. So if you or someone you know is looking for a job, either call them or walk in. Here’s their number: 732-242-9946



  1. Went by yesterday and there was a sign out in front, looked open or was about to open

  2. Matawan Barbeque IS open. We ordered from them yesterday and the food was GREAT.

  3. I really didn’t care for the food. I thought the chicken was dry. Maybe I caught them on a bad day.

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