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Important Announcement

July 12, 2008

For the past 10 months I have delighted in writing about my experiences and observations on life in Matawan-Aberdeen.  I have eaten great meals at many great local restaurants and eateries, and I was only too happy to share the experiences.  I have been lucky enough to garner a following of awesome readers, and as a result, I have met some of you in person as well.  That has been the most fulfilling aspect of writing.

Living in Monmouth County has been fun and enlightening in a lot of ways. In addition to all the wonderful delicious epicurean experiences, I’ve enjoyed the beaches, the nightlife, the culture, and co-mingling with the locals.  I’m a person that thrives off of experiences and societal interaction.  I love to learn new things, be immersed in my surroundings, be active and involved in community, and “pay it forward” to others.  I like to make differences in people’s lives; and I feel, in turn, they will make a difference in mine. Read the rest of this entry ?