Koo Neo-Japanese, Route 79, Marlboro

July 3, 2008

We tried Koo Neo-Japanese Asian Fusion Restaurant in Marlboro tonight. Overall, not bad. Service, though pleasant, was mildly disjointed. The food was good so no worries there. He had the fried calamari for app, said it was okay, nothing special. I had the “Roti” – Asian pancake with chicken curry. I wasn’t sure how to eat it; I actually dipped the pancake in the curry sauce. It was tasty.

For my main, I had the Fantastic Eel roll and Tri-Color roll. Both were quite good and amply sized. The thing that stood out the most on the eel roll was the seaweed salad inside. Eel is typically my favorite, but the seaweed salad inside definitely kicked it up a notch! The Tri-Color roll has salmon, avocado, and ginger inside, tuna & yellowtail outside. I usually don’t like ginger, but this worked and I enjoyed it.

He had the sushi & sashimi combo and noted that it was really good. No complaints at all. The prices were on par with other sushi restaurants in the area. So I say it’s worth a visit especially if you’re into trying new places.

FYI: they do not do split checks.  Something about the software not able to do it.  But they will charge the same bill on separate cards if they have to.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Koo Neo-Japanese Asian Fusion Restaurant
71A South Main Street (across from the CVS)
Marlboro, NJ 07746


  1. I had no idea this place even existed, and I live in Marlboro (Morganville, actually). I’ll have to check it out.

    In other sushi news, there’s also a Japanese restaurant coming to Marlboro on Rt. 9 South (“Zen”), about a mile from where I live. Also, at the former site of Old Country Buffet in.. I think Freehold (Rt. 9 North), there’s now a sign that reads “Coming Soon: Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Buffet”.. so that should be interesting.. good use of the property and closer than Makkoli. :)

  2. tonight my wife and i dined at koo resaurant in marlboro, nj. i really enjoyed the diverse(a little of everything asian) menu. I had the roasted duck salad and a pink panther sushi roll to start and both were delicious. my wife enjoyed a spicy tuna and a mexi-koo roll. the sushi was very fresh and clean. our server, rick, was very nice and attentative. for dinner i had the steak teriyaki and my wife had the thai pineapple fried rice. at least i think thats what we ordered respectively. its hard to remember because we both just dove right in and went pretty much fifty/fifty on the food. after dinner we both finished off with a cappuccino and still had plenty of time to catch a flick before picking the kids back up from the babysitter’s. The price was surprisingly cheap and allows you to try a little of everything. you do have to keep in mind that they do not have a liquor license so bring your own wine, beer, liquor, sake, etc. I have been waiting for a decent “authentic” asian restaurant to open in the area and i was not disappointed. we will be back weekly barring any major setbacks to the quality.

  3. i love koo koo koo!! this’s the best restaurant in marlboro!! i had koo special roll n marlboro roll hmmmm… it’s so good the best sushi ever had.. goo…goo… koo..

  4. I have been going to Koo almost every week. Great food and their servers are very friendly. I also tried their online ordering service. It was very convenience. We love their Pad Thai, Mango, Chicken, Green Curry Chicken, and Ginger Duck. Their Rocky Mountain, Roti and Miso Eggplant are our favorite appetizers. Also love their Jersey Shore Roll and Fantastic Eel from the Sushi

  5. Great Service to match the Great Food.

    Try it and you will love it

  6. i would like to think that the best restaurants would serve very delicious and healthy foods ,*,

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