Guest Writers Wanted!

June 20, 2008

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

I haven’t been writing too much lately because I’ve been busy with other (life) stuff that I am not at liberty to write about.  Don’t you worry, I will certainly continue to write about life off Exit 117A when I can.  But I’d like to extend an invitation to readers or writers of Aberdeen-Matawan area to write for this blog.

  • Just tried a great local restaurant and want to tell other foodies about your experience?
  • Just saw something new & interesting and think others should know about?
  • Got breaking news or just know something else others don’t know?

If this sounds up your alley, get in touch! I’ll set you up with an account here and we’ll take it from there.

djmarilyn AT verizon DOT net


  1. Exit 117A, now that’s a pidgeonhole.
    But I love Jersey, that’s for sure.

  2. What if we don’t live there but have a little story about there?

  3. Does that mean you want to write for this blog Amelia? :D

  4. Sure Daniel! I’ll be happy to publish that for you and of course give you credit. I want to set people up with accounts who actually live here, though, and who may write on a semi-regular basis.

  5. Okay Marilyn, I’ll dig through my bag of tricks, or better yet, craft a new one for you to review, that way if you like it, it will be unique to your blog. Thanks for the opportunity. PS: Some of my stuff is at http://www.bentpage.wordpress.com.

  6. Ok, I may have to contribute as I often have stuff (NJ-related) I want to write but not food-related and not appropriate for my blog! :)

  7. I’d be interested. We’re aberdeeners and love our new town. Could write some about the local restaurants but we don’t eat sushi! ;-)

  8. I wouldnt mind sharing my opinions on places around town. (As I have many) :o)

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