Kickin’ it at Kickys

June 4, 2008

Kickys Restaurant

We decided to give Kickys another shot tonight. I was hopeful we would have good service on a Tuesday night. Alas, my optimism was short-lived! There were only 2 servers in the whole restaurant for about 7 parties. As you can imagine, that led to slow service.

Sluggish service aside, the food was certainly enjoyable enough. We both opted for an assortment of sushi/sashimi/special rolls – no surprise there, huh? The dishes were fresh and nicely prepared. The wasabi was ultra-potent, too. Certainly cleared the sinuses.

Overall, I feel Kickys is a nice restaurant with some respectable fare, but don’t expect expeditious service. If you go with that in mind, you probably won’t be disappointed. I’ll likely call ahead and take out from now on.

3 out of 5 stars (for food).


  1. We’ve been there for quite a few times now. Although it claims itself a “Pan-Asian & Japanese…” We found that it’s quite a bit on the Thai side (Kitchen food). We don’t think it’s very “Thai” but nevertheless, we love most of the food esp. the Vietnamese Pork Chop, obviously, it’s not Thai! Our curiosity about this restaurant came from a friend’s recommendation. She told me & my husband that the Sushi was the best in town & the docor was stunning. Well, I couldn’t tell how good it was from the outside until we walked in the first time…
    Well, the Sushi? Gosh, out of this world! We asked the our waitress what the difference is between their sushi & those we had in the City. We were told they got their fish from the same purveyor… But heck, the only difference is the name brand and the location. We found the pearl in the rough. We’re very pleased that we found a NY like restaurant in such a suburb town.
    As for the decor, look up their website – http://www.kickys.com. Gorgeous!
    Last, I heard that they’re going to update the menu again. This time is for their first anniversary. We’re so looking forward to it.

  2. I was just there this past weekend and was very happy with their food and service. The decor is just stunning, food was great (especially their pork chops and sushi) service was fast and courteous. I will definitely go back more often!

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