Smart Car Alert

May 2, 2008

Bistro 34 has their very own yellow Smart Car. I still don’t have working digital camera or else I would have snapped a shot.


  1. I was going to say we’ve eaten here a number of times, but then I realized I meant “Bistro Amerigo” down the road a bit. :) However, we did sort of try it once. We went in, sat down, and perused the menu. We were both vegetarians at the time.. so we asked if they had anything vegetarian. The waitress replied, “We have chicken.” Last time I checked, chicken wasn’t a vegetable. We ended up leaving, headed down the road to Bistro Amerigo, and had the first of many wonderful meals.

    We’ve eaten there a number of times since then.. we kind of know the owner, Elbert.. he’s really nice and has always gone out of his way to please us. We took my wife’s parents there, and they loved it. My wife is a little picky, though.. the only thing she likes is a pasta dish, and at $15+, we don’t go there very often. They frequently have coupons in those “Shopaholic” type magazines.. $5.00 off $30 or $10 off $60.

    They do have sushi, and it is very good. I’ve gone there for lunch a few times (not so much anymore.. because I used to live minutes away in Old Bridge.. now I live in Morganville).

    The owner also runs Wasabi House in East Brunswick (which I haven’t been to, but I’ve heard from multiple people that it’s fantastic, and reasonable), and another restaurant in Somerville (Wasabi Asian Plates Sushi Bar, I think).


  2. Bistro Amerigo isn’t on my list, but perhaps it should be. *ponders*

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