Great Clips – Aberdeen

April 4, 2008

My hair was getting too long for my liking and since I don’t have a hairdresser (er, “stylist”) around these parts yet, I went to Great Clips next to Shop Rite. I was greeted warmly when I walked in the door. There was nobody else in there so they took me right away. Kelly attended to washing my hair all while engaging in cheerful chatter.

Then she directed me to her station where she asked me how much hair I wanted cut. I said “I want it to lay nicely on my shoulders.” She acknowledged that is what I wanted and went cutting away. She was very attentive the entire time, as we made small talk, asking “How does this feel?” As the inches came off, it felt great. Even though I have fine hair, it felt like a great weight had been lifted off me. She showed me where it would lay on my shoulders when it dried. I was happy with length.

Then she asked me if I wanted layers. I think they are trained to ask this question. Every stylist I have gone to asks. I said “Very subtle layers.” She did a few cuts and asked me “How does that feel?” It felt fine. Then she asked if I wanted her to blow dry my hair to which I replied “Yeah, I want to see the length dry.” So she went ahead and did that. I was pleased with the length.

Overall, it was a good, albeit no-frills, hair cutting experience. I got what I wanted and I didn’t break the bank ($14 + $3 tip). If you’re looking for a place to get your hair trimmed, by all means check out Great Clips.


  1. I love the gals at my Great Clips.

  2. Is your Great Clips the same as my Great Clips? ;)

  3. great clips? really??
    we were just at shoprite the other night and we noticed it. we’ve been going to gallo’s (the salon, not the liquor store – i think there’s some sort of gallo’s monopoly in that plaza) in the town square plaza for a while (also very inexpensive, easy to get an appt., do a pretty good job), but maybe we’ll give great clips a shot. thanks for the review!

  4. Elise,
    I can only speak to the hair cutting experience, not to any styling. So I’m unsure how they are in that regard. I just needed a cut, nothing fancy. So it worked out for me.

  5. I went to Great Clips early Sat. morning (7/26) hoping to get a quick haircut. To my amazement, I had walked in to find 3 of the work stations with customers being attended to. The front desk, not only greeted me cheerfully but with such speed as well – – I was in totally awe! I was then led to Melissa’s work station, where she asked me what my needs were and I stated, “I needed a layered haircut”, but she needed to do it in a speedy fashion as I had a little discomfort due to major back surgery and needed to be done ASAP. Not only did Melissa give me an EXCELLENT HAIRCUT, but did it in a super fast TIME FRAME which did make it easy on my back. THANK YOU MELISSA, I will be back again for my next haircut! I am sold on Great Clips! ……..thank you Melissa and thank you ladies for the smiling greetings!

  6. The nice thing about Great Clips is they store the style of cut you want in their computer. So next time you go, tell them who you are and their screen says what you want. So if the person who took care of you last time isn’t the one today, you’ll still get the same cut.

  7. Awesome topic!
    Now i know why i keep an eye on this site so much!

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