Matawan Train Station Restoration

April 1, 2008

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that there is exterior work being done on the old Matawan train station. According to The Independent, the work will be contained to the roof and the removal of the apron canopy only to stabilize the building. However, any further work is not immediately planned due to — you guessed it — lack of funding! NJ Transit is seeking grants for additional restoration work, though. But who knows when that will actually occur.

I’m all for restoration of historic structures as they add charm and beauty to a community, but… the progressive in me says “Let’s get Matawan Transit Village going already!” *ducks to miss flying objects*

Hey, I dislike gentrification and over development as much as the next person. But, at the same time, I also like to see progress. I’m oxymoronic like that!  Seriously, keep the old station, refurbish it. Allow it to accent the development around it. What about shops and cafes (Starbucks need not apply)? How about fixing the roads and sidewalks? Shuttle service to Aberdeen-Matawan station anyone? I see a lot of potential for that area, not just as a transit hub, but as a community hub. No offense to the flea market (y’all know I love flea markets), but I honestly would like to see more happening there. That’s my two-cents!


  1. Before you support a transit village in Matawan-Aberdeen, you may want to look at the proposals. I’ve seen plans for monster garages with 6,000 parking spaces, 10-story buildings, and several hundred new apartments.

    Also, the actual developers will likely be selected based upon political patronage, not ability.

    I’d rather wait until after the next election before moving ahead but I’m informed Mayor Sobel initiated development plans as soon as Stuart Brown was fired.

  2. As I alluded to above, I’m against over development, but I would support a proposal that was smart and had a balance of things… housing, retail, and parking. I obviously wouldn’t support monster garages or 10-story buildings there! Yikes!

    *If* I had to vote on something, I would certainly take a deeper look at all plans before I would put a stamp of approval on any of them. I just think there’s a lot of potential for that area that isn’t being lived up to – it’s kind of no man’s land down there. Hell the coffee shop in the ticket office closes at noon. What’s up with that?? I digress.

    Again, I would hope some plan would focus on the use of the land that would benefit the communities. Offer something, anything more than just parking spaces!

  3. Matawan is still being held up in litigation by Aberdeen’s Developer, Silver Oaks. Silver Oaks appealed the decision of the Court when Matawan won and continues to hold up progress for Matawan with their BS. Hope this comes to an end soon.

  4. That is a shame, let’s hope it does, and that a smart plan can stir some excitement in these towns. :)

  5. I miss not going to the train station. I grew up and graduated in Matawan, moved to Ohio, and now live in NC. I remember when Matawan Boro and Matawan Township worked towards the betterment of the community, not for each other. I do understand how times have come to change perspectives. If both would take the dollar sign out of the equation and not fight as to who should have control of the station, work may proceed faster then workers could get materials to to the job. Thank you for listening.

  6. wow, what great memories the old matawan train station
    brings back to me. my mom, my sister and I use to take
    the bus from union beach to matawan train station
    to go to newark to see my grandmother. I can still remember waiting and watching for the train to come, when it was nice weather we would stand out side and wait with such great expectation to get on the train
    and yes,I am old enough to remember the steam engine,
    and then changing to the diesel engine.Hope all goes
    well with the restoration of the old matawan train station.

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