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Meeting of the Blogging Minds!

April 17, 2008

Last evening I had the pleasure to meet fellow local blogger and intrepid community reporter Aberdeener and his lovely family. While I am not an Aberdeen resident, I have been following his blog to keep up to date on the issues affecting the Aberdeen area.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the political slant isn’t my beat. I certainly like to know what’s happening so I’m glad we have the Aberdeener, Matawan Advocate, and others who focus on the more political side of things. From meeting with and speaking with Joey, he has a good grasp on what’s happening, the ins and outs of the local government and school district, and he cares to investigate the facts. It’s encouraging to know we have people, like the Aberdeener, paying attention and not afraid to openly talk about what, I’m sure, many simply whisper about.

For this, however, he does get some flack. There are, obviously, some who don’t like what he writes about. Perhaps they are guilty parties and the truth stings. :) In any case, I give him a lot of credit for doing his thing. It was a pleasure to meet him as we share a lot of the same visions for ensuring a certain quality of life for all residents in this area and bringing the community together.


Aki Sushi

April 12, 2008

We tried Aki Sushi last night, and our initial impression is this: great selection, real good quality! When they gave us the warm towels to wash our hands, they were real, terry-cloth towels! Not too many places do terry cloth these days. They were very warm and felt great on the hands.

When it came time to order we didn’t select an appetizer at all, we simply ordered the sashimi and sushi love boat as well as two special rolls figuring that would be enough to fill us. The Sahara Special had eel tempura, avocado inside, spicy salmon, tempura crunch outside. The Beauty Roll had spicy yellowtail, mango, tempura crunch inside, tuna and salmon outside. Both were very tasty and generously sized. I don’t like skimpy rolls. :)

The Love Boat consisted of 20 pieces of fresh sashimi, 10 pcs. of yummy sushi, tasty eel dragon roll and lobster salad roll. (photo at right is just a stock photo) The boat was attractively presented in addition to tasting great. I honestly can’t believe we ate all of that food, but it was simply delicious and we couldn’t help finish it all. We were quite full when we left, that’s for sure. I wanted to try a dessert, but I realized I just didn’t have the room for it.

In summary, as people who have tried dozens of (run-of-the-mill) sushi places around the area, we really enjoyed Aki Sushi. The decor doesn’t particularly “wow” you, but they have booths and tables alike. No hibachi tables! if you want cooked food, it’s made in the kitchen.

We recommend sushi lovers to definitely try them out, they are one of the better sushi restaurants in the Bayshore area.  4 out of 5 stars.

Aki Sushi
436 Route 36 (in the Super Foodtown strip mall )
Port Monmouth


Monday-Thursday 4:30-10:00
Friday 4:30-10:30
Saturday 1:00-10:30
Sunday 12:00-9:30


Hello Dolly at First Presbyterian Church

April 11, 2008

Anybody into local theatre? If so, here’s something to do this weekend!

The Spotlight Players Present…

Hello Dolly!

Directed by Robert Weinstein

Friday, April 11th at 8PM
April 12th & 13th at 3PM
Sat, April 12th at 8PM

Ticket prices: $18.00 adults
$15.00 for students and seniors, includes refreshments.

All performances are at:

First Presbyterian Church
Route 34 and Franklin Street, Matawan
(3 blocks North of Main Street, just South of the Buttonwood Manor)

Tickets & Information Hotline
(732) 583-7874


Talented, Jill of all Trades, For Hire

April 11, 2008

Dear blogosphere,

I’m reaching out to you to ask if you, or someone you know, is looking to hire a lovely, multi-talented person who has experience in anything internet including… Read the rest of this entry ?


Starbucks Pike Place Roast

April 9, 2008

A tolerable alternative to most Starbucks offeringsI’m by no means a fan of Starbucks coffee. I’m not a frequent patron, but once in a while, especially if it the only coffee around, I will partake in their caffeinated offerings. For some reason, when they announced a new blend of coffee, Pike Place Roast, my interest was piqued. So I dropped into the local Starbucks on Main Street this morning to get some.

Verdict: it’s not half bad. It doesn’t have that signature burned taste that most Starbucks coffee has. It’s still a darker, stronger coffee, but seems less bitter than their other brews. I daresay, I kind of enjoyed it! Will I frequent Starbucks more often as a result? Have I discovered my new favorite coffee? Nah. It certainly didn’t sweep me off my feet. But it’s good to know there is actually a (generic) coffee they offer that I can actually tolerate.


Diva Wednesdays @ Houlihan’s

April 8, 2008

Houlihan’s in Holmdel will have Wednesday Night Diva (be sure to turn down your volume!) events lasting until June 11. These special Wednesday night “parties” are all in promotion of the new “Sex and The City” movie.  Through May 7th they’re sponsoring a contest where you and your SATC loving friends can enter to win two tickets to attend the Sex and the City movie premiere in NYC. They’ve even created $5 custom martinis that will be on special on during the events.

I’m not really a Sex and the City fan, but I sure do like me some martini’s.

Anybody wanna meet up?


Great Clips – Aberdeen

April 4, 2008

My hair was getting too long for my liking and since I don’t have a hairdresser (er, “stylist”) around these parts yet, I went to Great Clips next to Shop Rite. I was greeted warmly when I walked in the door. There was nobody else in there so they took me right away. Kelly attended to washing my hair all while engaging in cheerful chatter.

Then she directed me to her station where she asked me how much hair I wanted cut. I said “I want it to lay nicely on my shoulders.” She acknowledged that is what I wanted and went cutting away. She was very attentive the entire time, as we made small talk, asking “How does this feel?” As the inches came off, it felt great. Even though I have fine hair, it felt like a great weight had been lifted off me. She showed me where it would lay on my shoulders when it dried. I was happy with length.

Then she asked me if I wanted layers. I think they are trained to ask this question. Every stylist I have gone to asks. I said “Very subtle layers.” She did a few cuts and asked me “How does that feel?” It felt fine. Then she asked if I wanted her to blow dry my hair to which I replied “Yeah, I want to see the length dry.” So she went ahead and did that. I was pleased with the length.

Overall, it was a good, albeit no-frills, hair cutting experience. I got what I wanted and I didn’t break the bank ($14 + $3 tip). If you’re looking for a place to get your hair trimmed, by all means check out Great Clips.