Fuji Sushi Bar & Hibachi – Hazlet

March 29, 2008

Maybe I should just rename this blog to Sushi Reviews of Monmouth County because here is yet another sushi restaurant review!  What can I say, it’s our favorite cuisine. So,  continuing our quest to try all sushi restaurants in Monmouth County, we decided to try Fuji Sushi Bar & Hibachi on Route 35 in Hazlet. It is located in the Chelsea Place shopping plaza behind the Dunkin Donuts.

We were greeted and seated almost immediately as there was not much business at all. We ordered hot green tea and the server was off to get it right away. When she came back with the tea, we ordered a Sashimi deluxe which we noted was to be our appetizer. Within a few minutes another server returned to take the rest of our order and another server came out with miso soup and green salad, which we split. He had the soup, I had the salad. It was your standard soup and salad.

Sashimi platterWe didn’t wait long and our 18 piece sashimi was delivered courteously. Presentation wise it was nothing fancy, taste wise it was satisfactory. I know we have had better (Ichiban really knows how to do sashimi right), but it certainly wasn’t the worse we have tried. It included the standard thinly sliced tuna, mackerel, yellowtail, salmon, and whitefish. One thing I now realize as I write this review, a bowl of rice was not provided with the sashimi platter as the menu indicates is to be included. Usually when we order special rolls (which is almost always) the bowl of rice is not necessary. Regardless, we didn’t request no rice, so it should have been brought to our table.

In any case, our special rolls were good. I had the Tri-Color and Red Dragon rolls. He simply had Rainbow and Philly rolls. Out of all the rolls, my favorite was the Tri-Color roll, which consisted of tuna, cucumber, avocado inside with tobiko and sesame seeds on the outside. Quite tasty indeed. He had no complaints about his rolls.

One thing I am finding is that a good majority of the sushi restaurants around here are pretty much the same: average. There seems to be only a few that really go above and beyond and offer unique items. I think out of all of the restaurants we’ve tried, Kanji in Tinton Falls is doing everything right and stands out as different. Unique menu, fancy presentation, generous portions, and extraordinary quality.

With that said, if you’re looking for a satisfactory, garden-variety sushi experience, Fuji in Hazlet is an adequate choice. Nothing grand, but certainly not below par. Give ’em a whirl and comment about your experience.

3 out of 5 stars.


  1. We tried them a few times before we settled on Oishi. I agree with your review. It’s satisfactory, not horrible, but not the best. I’ve eaten at the hibachi grill once. That was ok. Better than Mahzu in Aberdeen for sure.

    I also tried Broadway Grill in Red Bank last week. Ordered the garlic steak. While the steak itself was pretty good, I didn’t realize they were going to slap 3 tablesoons of diced garlic over the entire thing. I had to ask for a plate to take it off. I’d go back there again, just not for that!

  2. Yeah, better than Mahzu, but not quite as good as Oishi.

    I don’t think I ever had anything other than salads for dinner from the Broadway Grill. I love their crispy chicken salad. They seem to do breakfast very well, too.

    Believe it or not, I am allergic to garlic! Not deathly allergic, but enough it causes an uncomfortable reaction in the throat. It’s a pain in the ass when I dine out & have to ask “Is that made with garlic?” even if it doesn’t say it on the menu. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  3. I almost had the BBQ Salmon salad there because I think I saw you mention it.

    Allergic to garlic!? That must be rough dining out since so many chefs use it. If you saw how much garlic was on that steak, you’d probably have an allergic reaction just from looking at it.

  4. Oh yes, the BBQ Salmon salad is delicious! You should definitely try it. :)

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