Auto Repair in Matawan?

March 6, 2008

It’s that time again where I reach out to my fellow Matawanians (is that right?) for advice!  Name some good mechanics!  Need a fuel air sensor replaced and I refuse to pay dealership service prices!  I’d prefer it within Matawan town limits.

Does anybody have experience with the following repair shops:

Mullaney Tire & Car Care Center
Stillwell Garage
Advanced Tire & Auto Center

I did a quick Google search and those were the first to come up.  Thanks for any help in advance!


  1. DO NOT USE STILLWELL GARAGE. Long story, but I use STS Tire Center on Route 35 in Hazlet…. much better service and more reasonable.

  2. Seconded on the don’t use Stillwells. We use Aberdeen Auto, and they’ve worked out okay for us.

  3. don’t go to mullaney!!!
    we went there for the first few years we lived in town. although the rates are decent, they never delivered on time, and they always copped attitude. i know a bit about cars, but i was always given the impression that i was being talked down to when they “discussed” my repairs with me. just because i don’t have engine sludge under my nails isn’t enough reason to speak to me like i’m a retarded monkey.
    anywho, the last straw was when we asked to pick up our car after-hours (on a saturday afternoon). we specifically told them to lock all the doors and stash the key under a floormat, but when we got there, our doors were all unlocked, AND our car key was sitting on the driver’s seat as if to say, come, please, help yourselves to our honda!
    we take our car to the dealership (aaaaaall the way in freehold) for service now. it’s a little bit of a hassle and costs more, but they won’t try to screw us.
    if you have a honda, definitely check out david michael on 9. they service there is great, and they always deliver as promised.

  4. Well, we didn’t use Stillwell’s. We used Mullaney’s. Only because it was close and they could take us. The first guy we spoke to when we dropped the car off was nice. But when we picked up the car and were told what was done, the mechanic asked if we had the timing belt replaced. We said “No, not to our knowledge, and we were never told to get it done.” He was a bit condescending in tone when he explained that it should have been done 20,000+ miles ago. We again explained this was the first time we were hearing about it, but thanked him for the information.

    I just think mechanics automatically assume car owners should know everything they know. While I’m not totally clueless about cars (I used to be a car saleswoman believe it or not!), I’m not totally sure of the history of repairs/maintenance on this car, since it was my fiance’s before we got together. He is not at all car savvy so he never kept records of when/where/what repairs got done.

    Anyways, this car (Lexus) is 9 years old. We’re going to be looking into options for a new car towards the end of the year when he is closer to paying it off. I’m interested in looking at Toyota, Nissan, Honda, or possibly Hyundai.

  5. Hi Marilyn,
    We have always had a good experience at Mullaney Tire & Car Care. We have used them 8 or 10 times since we have lived in Matawan.


  6. If you have a foreign car you deserve to get ripped off. buy American cheapo!!

    My first car was an American car and the transmission needed to be replaced before it even turned 60,000 miles!!!!!!! It barely made it to 105,000 miles and it died completely. Needed a new engine. Before you say “You should have taken better care of it.” I took it for regular oil changes and servicing as recommended by the dealership and the manual. It was nothing but problems. I will never buy another “American” car again!

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