Transportation query

February 13, 2008

Every time I go to the train station to drop off or pick up my wonderful FH, I often wonder why there are no shuttle buses to and from the Aberdeen-Matawan train station?  I mean not only would it be convenient for the residents of this area, but wouldn’t it be good for the environment?  You know, get cars off the road.  Has this been thought of before?

Aberdeen-Matawan seems like an extremely busy station, so I’m sure a shuttle service would certainly be welcomed and used.  Even if they had to charge $2 per ride.  Middletown’s Dock and Roll Shuttle Service, which buses people to and from the Middletown train station and the Belford Ferry shows some progressive thinking on their part.

We are within a reasonable walking distance to the station, but on days like today a shuttle would certainly be a better option.  Patsy’s Car Service, while convenient, isn’t always the economical or practical choice.

Just some thoughts.  I’d be curious to see what other residents think.  Or is there something even remotely like what I’m talking about in this area.


  1. Good idea, but I wonder what route the shuttle would take. My thoughts are that this would help the people who are dropped off by a family member, so a study would need to be done to see where exactly in both towns are these people are coming from. Given the taxes in both towns, this would need state or county dollars to have a chance.

  2. I think even a limited weekday-only run would be helpful – say during “peak” hours. Then see if there would be a demand for service during other times.

    Given the current budget woes of the state , I doubt they would sink any money into a study such as this. The county and the borough/townships would benefit the most from this. So, I would think, that’s where the money should come from to start it up. Hell, maybe there’s some federal tax credits they could dip into? I don’t know.

    At any rate, I think it would provide a valuable service to the residents of this area – all while working towards being “green”, yeah? I think it should be explored at the very least.

    Thanks for commenting Anthony!

  3. STAY AWAY FROM PATSY’S TAXI, they are by far the worst and rudest, they do not come when you call then scream at you saying you weren’t there….. use MATAWAN BORO TAXI if you have to — I live right near cliffwood ave and it’s about $6, not bad.

  4. I haven’t used Patsy’s so I have no experience with said rudeness. The few times my man has used them he never mentioned anything negative about them. Do you know the phone number to Matawan Boro Taxi by any chance? I’m too lazy to Google. :p

  5. This is a great idea. Rt.79/ Main St. is a nightmare during peak hours. Maybe they came work somthing out if they ever get that “Transit Village” off the ground.

  6. I’m desperate for a parking spot at the train station-with the 7 year wait with the Township and all daily spots gone by 5:30-are there any other options? The idea of a shuttle bus is great but what would we have to do to get one?

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