Cafe de Thai, Matawan

February 10, 2008

I enjoy Thai food. Unfortunately, due to stomach issues, I must eat the mild selections. Though my palette enjoys the spicy stuff, I pay for it later. In any case, I have wanted to try Cafe de Thai (on Route 34) ever since I moved up here. For some reason, the combination of French and Thai food sounds like a winner. And many of my Chowhound compadres have had good things to say about the place. So I convinced the man that we needed to take a break from the sushi this evening.

First impression: it’s a cute place. The decor, while basic, exudes a certain coziness. The lights were dimmed, which lent an air of simple romance.  So, it was more French, than Thai in that regard.

Had I been in the mood, I would have gone next door to Wine Nation for a bottle of Riesling to accompany the meal, but we simply had a pot of hot green tea and some water.

I started with the Tom Kha Gai soup, which was quite good and hit the spot. It came in a generous bowl. His first course, Maryland Crab Cakes, he found to be tasty.

For my main course, I had the Chicken Pad Pak. It was your run of the mill pad pak, nothing to rave about, but certainly good. His grilled shrimp came with a scoop of wild rice and a green salad. He said were good.

I saved room for the Pumpkin custard, which was just as good as my fellow Chowhounder raved about. It was the perfect, not too sweet ending.

Overall, nice place, decent food. I’d like to go back to try the French side of the menu another time.

3 stars.


  1. I have eaten at Cafe de Thai about 4 or 5 times and enjoyed every meal. I think giving them three stars is being conservative. If you decide to go back give the rack of lamb a try at 20$ you can’t go wrong. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Thanks for commenting Gene. Yes, I plan to go back and especially try some selections from the French side. Which I believe that the lamb was under that entree list. I happen to be a big fan of lamb, just not particularly in the mood for it last evening.

    Thanks for the head’s up. Always good to hear the opinion of other foodies! :)

  3. Marilyn – I love spicy food too – I used to be able to “stomach” it well, but also have been paying for it later. I’m not a Dr., nor do I play one on TV – but I find that if I take Prilosec before consuming spicy, that I don’ t pay as much later. Just a thought.

  4. I’m on prescription Protonix, but I still stay away from the ultra spicy stuff. I don’t want to take any chances. ;)

  5. At there just this past Sunday and it was just ok. I had a great scallop appetizer which was amazing but the thai curry we had wasnt great and the sticky rice was the worst I had ever. It was probably the worst thai food I have had but the wierd thing is the appetizer was one of the best..

  6. Sorry to hear your curry wasn’t up to snuff. I think I prefer Thai Thai or Siam Garden for Thai food. Though I hear Far East Taste in Eatontown is to die for! I haven’t been there yet, but have it on the “to go to” list.

    Like I said above, I’d really like to try the French side of the menu. I have little to no experience with French food. So I figure it would be a “soft” introduction to it for me without going all-out frou frou French. ;)

  7. Looking for excellent Thai…visit Mie Thai on Main Street in downtown Woodbridge. The food is awesome! Haven’t had a dish yet that we dislike and the place is always bustling.

  8. We have two great restaurants just next to us, ‘Siam Smiles’ for great Thai in a warm and friendly space and ‘West Lake’ with kicked-up Chinese featuring a fantastic sea food menu. Come in, and it will be our pleasure to help you choose the wine most certain to add more fun to your gathering and enhance your dining.



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