Eyes First Vision Center

January 30, 2008

So, can anybody tell me about Eyes First Vision Center on Route 34 in Matawan? :)  I need new spectacles and they are in the plan I just signed up to.


  1. hi – i’ve been going to this practice for years! Dr. Lipchak is a sweetheart, and his staff is also very nice. they have a decent selection of frames and whatnot, all pretty reasonably priced. best part is the late and weekend hours.
    good luck!

  2. Elise,

    Thanks for the testimonial. Sounds like a decent place, so I’ll be sure to make an appointment soon. :)

  3. I’ve been looking for an eye doc myself. So many in our area – how do you pick one?

  4. Hey Marilyn

    did you try this place out? I’m looking for an eye doc.

  5. Dani,

    I was informed that my vision plan won’t take effect until August — I was given some misinformation first time around. I’m pissed, but oh well. I may still go before then because I am in DIRE need of new glasses. The glasses I wear now are almost 5 years old! :(

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