Crime in Matawan! *gasp*

January 18, 2008

Oh hai!

I used to have a post here alerting local residents (who may or may not read the big regional newspaper ’round here) that a crime took place in our community (armed robbery at JR’s Liquor Store last week) and I pretty much posted the information verbatim as an FYI to spread the word far and wide about a criminal act that occurred in our community.

Well I’ve been told that in doing so it may be subject to copyright infringement since I did not obtain permission to re-post the information!  My bad! So in order to avoid it getting messy, I have taken the original post down including THE IMAGE of the perpetrator.  God forbid, my helping get the word out about a CRIMINAL in our community become an issue of “copyright infringement”.

Anyways….. do a an internet search for it, I’m sure you’ll find that newspaper article about it.

Please call the Matawan Police Detective Bureau at (732) 290-2038  if you think you may have information about the crime.  Thanks!


  1. Marilyn – sorry to hear that the “internet” police have bothered you. I thought as well that as long as you provide a link to the original story that you could quote from it. It benefits the original poster by bringing readers to their site. “They” (you know who they are) are scared that their hard copy papers will become dinosaurs soon and that most people will get their local and national news from the internet. “They” have jumped on the bandwagon with internet editions of their papers. There’s room for everyone here in cyberspace.

  2. I always figured that if I could quote sources for my term papers, I damn well ought to be able to quote sources for blog posts, as long as I cited everything. I mean… you CAN quote (that’s what the MLA is for!), as long as you make it clear that the work is not your own and you’re not making any money off of it. I haven’t seen the post in question, but–especially since I don’t think you’re making any money off of this blog–I don’t think anyone could sue you for copyright infringement.

    …of course, I’m not a lawyer, but if they COULD sue you for the abovementioned action, then… I need to get out of this state.

  3. Josy, it’s pretty ridiculous to think that it was brought up at all. I was clear in the post that the information was from the source and I linked to it as well! My goal was to help spread the word about a criminal in our community. I found it very petty that a large corporation would do such a thing. But, like Steve said above, they’re scared blogs are taking away from their readership. It is true. I know A LOT of people in the newspaper biz, my own fiance is a news editor after all.

    In any case, I certainly do NOT make any money off of this blog. I do this for my enjoyment, to be involved and reach out to my community. If I were into making money off this thing, for sure there’d be Google Ads and all kinds of monetization crap on here. But that’s not the *purpose* of this blog.

    So, to think, someone would call this or any thing else I do commercial in nature would be absurd! I should left the original post up and see what happens, but I also wanted to say something. Because, quite honestly, what THEY did was NEWSWORTHY in itself. :) Anyways, in the future, I will be sure to get my news elsewhere. In doing this, they lost a reader — a reader with a very loud voice. :)

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