Congratulations Paul Buccellato!

January 16, 2008

OK, I don’t know this guy from Adam – I did just move to this area after all! From what I’ve been reading, he is an advocate for the proposed development around the Matawan train station aka “Transit Village”. That’s an idea I can jump on board with. I definitely see the potential for that area.

EDIT: On second thought, Truth in Matawan has quite the compelling story. :/  Hrm.


  1. Mayor Buccellato has an ambitious agenda which will include citizen input for the Transit Village and Main Street. Citizen participation is a welcome addition to Matawan.

    Glad to see you opening your blog to politics in Matawan.

  2. Just like anybody else, I’m concerned about what goes on in my “backyard” so to speak. Quite honestly, I don’t know if we will be settling here or not, but IF we do, I would like to see the town progress. I know progression is not easy, you can’t make everybody happy. Development should be smart, well planned. From the little I have gathered so far,Transit Village and the re-development of Main Street seem like good ideas, on the surface. I’d like to hear more, though.

    As much as I try to stay out of the fray of politics, I guess it can’t totally be ignored. I’m just trying to put a little faith in the person who was elected. Regardless of his political affiliation, I would like to hope that whatever he promises to do, for the betterment of the community, that he lives up to it. Like I said, I don’t know him from Adam at this point, but I am willing to give him a chance. Paul Buccellato: let’s see what you’re made of! Make us proud! :)

    Thanks for commenting, Matawan Advocate. Keep up the good work you do! :)

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