Bayshore Brawlers

January 10, 2008

Bayshore Brawlers semi-pro footballWho knew that this area had its own semi-pro football team?! I sure didn’t!

While I’m not a HUGE football fan, unlike my husband-to-be, I have to admit there is a bit of a thrill of being at an actual game. You can just feel the excitement in the air!

Anyways, it seems minor league football leagues are all the rage these days -with new teams busting out all over. The Bayshore Brawlers, formerly known as the Aberdeen Bayshore Celtics, are entering their 3rd season. Their first action in 2008 will be on the road meeting the Downingtown Freedom in Downingtown, PA.

The rest of the home schedule features contests on August 9th, August 23rd, and September 13th. Kickoff times, ticket prices, and the home venue will be announced shortly.

This might be worth checking out people!

See the rest of the schedule after the jump…

Below includes the official Brawlers schedule including opponents and dates:

July 19th: Bayshore Brawlers @ Downingtown Freedom

July 26th: Palmyra Raptors @ Bayshore Brawlers

August 2nd: Bayshore Brawlers @ Elizabethtown Stingrays

August 9th: Middletown Maniax @ Bayshore Brawlers

August 16th: Bayshore Brawlers @ Palmyra Raptors

August 23rd: Downingtown Freedom @ Bayshore Brawlers

September 13th: Elizabethtown Stingrays @ Bayshore Brawlers

Sephember 20th: Bayshore Brawlers @ Middletown Maniax

If you would like to “Join The Championship Team” and purchase sponsorship packages or if you just have additional questions then contact the Brawlers via email through Fsusino@yahoo.com or mountieman2005@aol.com or by phone at (201) 248-7525. The official website at www.bayshorebrawlers.com.

Bayshore Brawlers

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  1. looking into bein a bayshore brawler ima hard worker will do anything to get the job done and i will prove it

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