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Eyes First Vision Center

January 30, 2008

So, can anybody tell me about Eyes First Vision Center on Route 34 in Matawan? :)  I need new spectacles and they are in the plan I just signed up to.


Local Dentists

January 25, 2008

Does anybody know anything about Matawan/Old Bridge Dental on Matawan Road?

They are the only Matawan area dentist in the plan I’m signing up to. I can’t find a damn thing online about them.

EDIT: I have an appt. with them next week.  I will “file a report” after my visit. :)


Crime in Matawan! *gasp*

January 18, 2008

Oh hai!

I used to have a post here alerting local residents (who may or may not read the big regional newspaper ’round here) that a crime took place in our community (armed robbery at JR’s Liquor Store last week) and I pretty much posted the information verbatim as an FYI to spread the word far and wide about a criminal act that occurred in our community.

Well I’ve been told that in doing so it may be subject to copyright infringement since I did not obtain permission to re-post the information!  My bad! So in order to avoid it getting messy, I have taken the original post down including THE IMAGE of the perpetrator.  God forbid, my helping get the word out about a CRIMINAL in our community become an issue of “copyright infringement”.

Anyways….. do a an internet search for it, I’m sure you’ll find that newspaper article about it.

Please call the Matawan Police Detective Bureau at (732) 290-2038  if you think you may have information about the crime.  Thanks!


Congratulations Paul Buccellato!

January 16, 2008

OK, I don’t know this guy from Adam – I did just move to this area after all! From what I’ve been reading, he is an advocate for the proposed development around the Matawan train station aka “Transit Village”. That’s an idea I can jump on board with. I definitely see the potential for that area.

EDIT: On second thought, Truth in Matawan has quite the compelling story. :/  Hrm.


Sultan Palace

January 12, 2008

Sultan Palace Matawan NJ

As per our usual on Friday night, I just didn’t feel like cooking after I got home from work. So I suggested ordering delivery from Sultan Palace, since were in the mood for both Chinese and sushi. I had heard that the other locations are not so great. But there’s only one way to truly know if a place sucks, and that is to try it.

He ordered Sesame Chicken and Kamikaze roll, I opted for a simple order of steamed dumplings and the Golden Dragon roll. We really had no complains. It was delivered fairly quick, everything was hot (the Chinese stuff, not the rolls of course) and the rolls were tasty. It’s certainly not the very best sushi rolls we ever had (we’ll leave that to places like Kanji and Ichiban), but certainly not the worst.  3 out of 5 stars.

I feel confident enough that I would certainly order there again. Wish us luck. ;)


Bayshore Brawlers

January 10, 2008

Bayshore Brawlers semi-pro footballWho knew that this area had its own semi-pro football team?! I sure didn’t!

While I’m not a HUGE football fan, unlike my husband-to-be, I have to admit there is a bit of a thrill of being at an actual game. You can just feel the excitement in the air!

Anyways, it seems minor league football leagues are all the rage these days -with new teams busting out all over. The Bayshore Brawlers, formerly known as the Aberdeen Bayshore Celtics, are entering their 3rd season. Their first action in 2008 will be on the road meeting the Downingtown Freedom in Downingtown, PA.

The rest of the home schedule features contests on August 9th, August 23rd, and September 13th. Kickoff times, ticket prices, and the home venue will be announced shortly.

This might be worth checking out people!

See the rest of the schedule after the jump…

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“I’m OK”

January 9, 2008

I’m not sure when it happened, but there was a house fire on Church Street in Aberdeen, just down the road from the Municipal building.  It’s been boarded up and someone spray painted “I’m OK” on the boards.  That screams “take a picture!”

It’s time like these I wish I still had a digital camera – the Canon540 I had broke several months ago.  I dropped it and the lens broke.  Ooops.  I plan to get a new one.  Hopefully with income tax money.  I’d kinda like to turn this into a “photo blog” since I don’t always have something to say. :)


Cat killer in Aberdeen

January 2, 2008

This story breaks my heart.  I hope that bastard gets life in prison if the allegations are true!


New Year, New Monmouth County message board!

January 2, 2008

Monmouth Connect Message BoardIntroducing a new Monmouth County Connect. A new message board all about Monmouth County.
Check it out, join, and start posting!

I would like for it to be for Monmouth County what PhillyBlog forum is to Philly. I guess I have high hopes, huh?

Post your comments or things you would like to see there so we can grow the community.

Tell your friends, write a blog post about it, link to it, whatever. Please help spread the word! Thanks.