Aligado Japanese & Thai

December 11, 2007

After our shopping excursion on Saturday, I decided it was time to try Aligado Japanese & Thai Cuisine in Hazlet. We were promptly seated in the back by the sushi bar.

Our server, who was polite, took our drink order and rushed off. In a short amount of time, he returned to bring our drinks to us. He gave us a few minutes to mull over the menu and then swung by to take our order. He seemed rushed and it appeared he had quite a few tables. I believe there were only 2 other servers working that evening. I could be wrong, but I only saw 3 total.

Anyways, I had ordered a simple house salad and he ordered the Yellowtail Amazing. This is when things got a little testy. In a few minutes my house salad came out, but his Yellowtail Amazing was no where to be found. I waited a few moments hoping it would make its way to the table, but alas it hadn’t. I apologized for starting without him, and started to nibble away at my salad. Several minutes went by and, finally, his appetizer was delivered along with the special rolls (his main course) that he had ordered! My 2nd course (Holmdel roll) had also been delivered at that time as well, which was good because I had finished my salad and was ready for more.

He was not pleased at all and was sure to tell the otherwise polite server that his appetizer should have been delivered earlier. The server had apologized and rushed off to his other tables. As I have noted in past reviews, it’s, like, our biggest pet peeve to NOT have our appetizers served at the same time. We don’t care if one of us orders hot, and the other orders cold. It should be timed that not one of us is eating before the other!

It seems a lot of places can’t get this right! *sigh*

The delivery of my main course, Pad Thai, was a bit off as well. I had finished my Holmdel roll and waited several minutes for the Pad Thai to come. By that time, he had finished with his main course (his special rolls) and I was left being the last eating.

Despite the disorganized service, the food was rather tasty. No complaints at all there! But when you’re spending $60+, I think service needs to be coordinated as well as polite.

3 out of 5 stars. For quality of food alone.


  1. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place. I’m going to stick with Oishi though. But if you can recommend a place that offers rolls with brown rice I’m willing to try it too. Oishi does not and during the week, I only eat sushi (rolls) if they are made with brown rice.

  2. The only place I know of that offers brown rice sushi is Sogo Sushi in Red Bank. http://www.sogosushi.com/

  3. aligado is VERY hit or miss – they always seem to be short-staffed, and the food quality can vary wildly from visit to visit. re: the pad thai, did you find that it was dry? i know it’s not really supposed to be saucy, but it’s been really bland the few times we’ve had it. best thing to do is ask for extra “sauce” on it. the request confuses the hell out of the servers, but if they get it right the dish comes out much better.

  4. I don’t recall my Pad Thai being exceptionally dry, then again it wasn’t exceptionally “saucy” either. It was pretty good, though. I don’t think we’ll be rushing back any time soon.

    foodiedani highly recommends Oishi in Hazlet (or is it Keyport?). We’ll be checking that out at some point.

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