Freehold Raceway Mall

November 4, 2007

After our underwhelming trip to the dirt mall, we decided to go to a “real” mall and headed towards Freehold to experience the Freehold Raceway Mall. I’ve got one word to describe it: “Wow!” It reminded me of Cherry Hill Mall actually. With stores like Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, it is seemingly geared more towards upscale shopping. Down to earth stores like Penney’s and Sears ensures nobody is excluded, so you and I can actually afford to shop there, too!

They are adding more stores and restaurants – Borders, P.F. Chang’s to name a few – on the outside, so there’s lots of construction going on. That certainly isn’t scaring away any shoppers, though! In fact, you could tell that Christmas shopping has started in earnest. Finding parking was a challenge as most spots were filled.

After about 2 hours of walking around dazed by the blatant display of conspicuous consumption, and dodging people left and right, I decided I had enough and we left. Navigating the parking lot to exit was quite the ordeal as it seemed everyone wanted to leave from the same exit! It was maddening I tell ya.

Overall, it’s a very nice mall, and we’ll certainly go back some day, but preferably during “off-peak” hours. ;)


  1. Dont go on weekends. it is a kids hangout. kids everywhere. parents just drop them off, and leave them there till closing. i went there on a weekend, never again. i have kids myself, dont get me wrong, but something has to be done about hundreds of kids hanging out there, you cant even shop. andddddddddddd their loud. i must add it seems like secuirty does a good job as trying to keep them moving. but what a mess.

  2. They have valet parking in front of the Cheesecake Factory near the new section of the Freehold Mall. Makes like so much better, especially if you have a kid or two in tow.

    I think it was 8 bucks but it’s free if you have car insurance with High Point.

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