Mahzu in Aberdeen a No No

October 13, 2007

Last night we tried Mahzu in Aberdeen. Our original plan was to go to Oishi in Hazlet, but we figured since we were already on Route 34, we might as well try this place.

My avocado salad was pretty good. The sashimi was average at best, though. Our special rolls were okay. I got the “Miracle” and “Samurai” special rolls. The Miracle roll had huge pieces of eel on top, which was a plus for me since I absolutely love eel. And the rolls underneath were deep fried which I have never had before, which was interesting. The presentation was nice, too.

He said his rolls weren’t bad, but nothing outstanding.

All in all an okay experience, but when I got home last evening I had some, to put it delicately, G/I issues. My tummy is still a bit queasy today. He’s fine, but due to my condition, it’s pretty safe to say we can strike Mahzu in Aberdeen off our list.


  1. I’ve eaten here a few times – the fish was fresh and cold, and the rolls were as you said, not terribly creative, but good. Mahzu is middle of the road.

    For South American inspired sushi (chili peppers and cilantro) try the Bistro in Red Bank.

    For a health-conscious meal eat at Sogo Sushi on Monmouth Street in Red Bank.

    For the full Japanese experience try Shiki on Hwy 35 in Middletown or Fuji in Shrewsbury.

    If you have any respect for sushi at all – stay away from SaWa.

    I’ve eaten sushi all around Monmouth County and I find I have the best experiences when I eat sushi as the Japanese intended. The fattier, tastier fishes along with the avocado and tempura accents can be quite rich when eaten in large quantities.

  2. Yeah, I gotta say Mahzu did not overly impress us, and with the resulting G/I issues… well, I don’t see us going back any time soon. ;)

    We LOVE the Bistro in Red Bank! We definitely need to go back there. Red Bank does have some great restaurants, that’s for sure.

    We liked Sogo as well, but we prefer to “go out” (aka sit) to eat our sushi. Not take out. So we tried it once, and it was really good.

    We tried Fuji a while back (summer of ’06 I think) and found it nothing outstanding. I think the management has changed since then. We still haven’t found our way back. I have always wondered about Shiki, you think it’s OK to try? I heard it was one of the pricier sushi joints in the area.

    We tried Sawa once. We enjoyed it, but have not been back since.

    Our absolute favorites remain: Ichiban (in Ocean), Takara (in Ocean), and Kanji (in Shrewsbury). FoodieDani swears by Oishi, so that’s probably next on our “to try” list. :)

  3. A few years ago… my husband and I went to Mahzu for dinner.. i ordered udon noodles with chicken and he ordered steak… the chicken tasted funny and after my husband tasted it to assure me it was really the chicken and not me, i sent it back. anyway… 2 days later both my husband and I wound up in the bayshore ER with severe food poisoning… They asked us where we had eaten 2 days prior .. and there it was…. Mahzu… we have never gone back since.. and steer anyone who asks clear of it…

  4. Thanks for commenting Michelle. I’m sorry to hear about your food poisoning experience, though! I don’t think my ailments were from food poisoning, but I certainly did experience digestive distress. I know that when eating sushi, there is a risk of getting bad sushi and having “issues”. But I’ve been eating sushi a long time and have tried a variety of places. That was my first bad experience with it. Fortunately, it wasn’t so bad that I have sworn off sushi. Perish the thought! But naturally we’re staying away from Mahzu in the future.

  5. I wish I had checked your blog before my recent trip here. I was meeting a friend for dinner and this was the middle area meeting point. We mostly had hibachi, completely unmemorable and shared one roll, blah. For the two of us it was over $80! Plus, the place smelled terrible while we were leaving.

  6. That’s a shame Dani. I don’t think I’ve heard a good thing about Mahzu yet. I think they have another location (Manalapan?), I wonder if that’s any better? Like I always say, for great sushi, our “Top 3” still is: Kanji, Ichiban, and Takara. Oishi is still on the “to go” list, though. :)

  7. What I find amazing is how crowded Mahzu is any time I’ve driven by. But then again, so are all the chain restaurants in the area while great independent places like Oishi and Pirates Cove I can always get a table at.

  8. That means you have good taste. :)

  9. Oishi in hazlet is one of the best sushi places in nj. ive tried sushi up and down nj and it has to be one of the best around. no hibachi, small sushi bar seating, only for about 4 people, 7 tables of seating for 4, location of the old quizno’s but a great atmosphere. they have brought in a spectacular chef that created some really unique items on the menu. for carb conscious they have naruto rolls, no rice/seaweed -wrapped in thin cucumbers (excellent) highly recommended

  10. Good to hear another thumbs-up for Oishi. We’ll need to check it out ASAP! Thanks Jeanette.

  11. Six of us went to Mahzu in Aberdeen on Saturday night. We arrived around 5:20 (4 adults, a 5 year old, and a 2 year old).. we didn’t have to wait for a table, we were seated right away (it soon filled up after that, though). Waiter came around right away, we felt a little rushed. We all ordered teppanyaki dinners.. I was the only one who ordered sushi. My friend Craig loves sushi, but with his appetite, the only place he can justify eating it anymore is at Makkoli. :) I had a salmon nigiri (okay), mackeral (good), spicy tuna gunkan (generous spicy tuna mixture on top of rice with seaweed around it.. the same setup you’d get for roe or uni) (very good), and yellowtail (sublime, melt in your mouth). Since the prices were the same for 1 piece of sushi or 1 piece of sashimi, I went for the sushi. I also had a spicy whitefish crunch roll. ($5.50.. one of the more interesting but not sky-high priced rolls, a little on the dry side, but pretty tasty).

    I also had an avocado salad.. about half an avocado over spring greens with ponzu sauce, and spicy mayo on top. Sounds weird, tasted great, and a bargain at $3.95.

    Teppanyaki presentation was pretty good. Chef flipped small pieces of zucchini into our mouths (or tried to!). There was the flaming onion volcano, egg flipping, etc., but no fast “knives flashing” deveining/cleaning of the shrimp.. they were pre-cleaned and ready to go.

    I had hibachi salmon, my wife had shrimp. I was impressed at the amount of salmon I received.. two large filets.. and the amount of shrimp she received.. at least 20 pieces.. and they were decent sized shrimp.

    A few caveats.. if you want fried rice or noodles, you have to pay extra for them, and they’re cooked in front of you. Otherwise, you receive a plain bowl of white rice, as I did. I didn’t eat it, my wife wanted it. She asked the chef if he could fry it on the grill for her.. he refused. Of course not.. you have to pay extra for that.

    Vegetables were excellent.. the usual onions, zucchini, and mushrooms.. but also sliced carrots, a nice touch. The meal also came with the ubiquitous clear soup with a few thinly sliced mushrooms floating on top (I didn’t want mine.. I offered it to the 5 year old, who looked at it, exclaimed “Mushrooms!” and promptly scooped them off the top and ate them.” Go figure.) It also came with iceberg salad with orangey ginger dressing on top.. I ate both mine and my wife’s. Dessert was a choice of chocolate, vanilla, red bean, or green tea ice cream. I had a small scoop of the last two.. both were very good.

    For the amount of fish I got, it was a good deal. ($18.00). This place is BYOB, and there’s a liquor store right next door. I, however, had root beer, my beverage of choice. :)

  12. Thank for you comments about Mazu…..My daughter was actually interested in going for her B day but, after reading your comments i will stay clear away. Thanks for the heads up hope you are feeling better.

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