Matawan Day

September 24, 2007

So, I have been told that Matawan Day is this Sunday, September 30th.  That is the same day we’re moving in!

Does the whole town shut down or what?  Should I be worried about traffic?  This could get interesting!


  1. No way. Very low key – food vendors, politicians and maybe the local karate school boys putting on a show.

  2. Oh cool, thanks Suzette. Good to know it shouldn’t interfere with our moving plans. :)

  3. Oh and thanks for adding me to your Pork Roll. lol I will add a link to you soon!

  4. Pork roll – you got it.

  5. Now I’m hungry all of a sudden! ;)

  6. Hi Marilyn,
    Too bad you are moving in tomorrow or you could visit me at Matawan Day. My daughter met her husband there 2 years ago and they got married last summer. You never know what could happen there. But I agree with Suzette, it will not hinder your moving.

    I will be at the Keller Williams Realty booth if any of Marilyn’s readers want to stop by and say hi.

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